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    Dang, Otzi, I think that thing has a higher blue book value than my car! (No joke, three years ago, my car only had a blue book value of $650.) It does look like it would surely get the job done.

    You all are awesome. Between the recommendations here, and my looking at Azon, I have price points ranging from $70 to $400. I'll do a little more research and see which will both suit my current needs and allow me to grow into it. Thank you!
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    No matter which one you buy, here's an idea for your first grind: buy best ribeye steak you can find, trim any gristle, but not the fat, mix with a bit of salt and pepper, make a burger patty and grill it medium rare. Top with cheddar cheese and slightly carmelized onions. Eat it wrapped in a big lettuce leaf.

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