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Thread: Kidney stones

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    Kidney stones

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    So, love eating primal, love how I feel, love the weight loss, etc, etc. But I am now on my third kidney stone eating this way, and the doctor has told me that I absolutely must cut way down on the amount of animal protein I consume (too many purines). Along with more water and watching out for high oxalate foods. This last kidney stone episode was the worst I've experienced by far, and I ended up having to get a lithotripsy treatment to break it up. Not fun.

    Just wondering, what is Mark's response to the idea that too much animal protein can be a major contributing factor to kidney stones?

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    I got a lot of kidney stones after starting Primal. In my case, I started taking lots of vitamin D without really looking into it enough. Duh! I now take D only when I'm not getting enough sun, or when I have been exposed to a cold virus. And I always take Vitamin K2 with it. And even when I'm not taking D.
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