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Thread: Need help tweaking the knobs and dials

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    Need help tweaking the knobs and dials

    Hey folks,
    I’m at a point where I’d appreciate some advice to see if I can optimize some things to see better results, I’m just a little bit stuck to know what to try next.
    Bio: 31 M 5’8 224lbs

    My background is that I’ve been Paleo-ish for about a year. I started over a year ago with Tim Ferris’s 4 hour body, on which I dropped about 15lbs in two months basically eating paleo + legumes, my only exercise was walking about 3 miles most days. I tend to track calories when I’m first getting into something like this, so looking back I see I was eating about ~1500-2000 calories a day, with 50-150g of carbs per day. I didn’t avoid fat, but I was usually going for leaner cuts, like chicken – so protein was the main calorie source.

    After I got down to 200, I basically went on auto pilot. I tried to mostly keep the same diet, but became less strict about it. I rarely if ever ate wheat, but items like tortilla chips and rice crackers showed up more and more, I also drank a lot of beer and mixed drinks, so more sugar showed up in my diet.I actually thought I was doing alright, as I was avoiding wheat + sugary baked goods and candy pretty consistently… last month though, I got on the scale and realized I was back to 226.

    Since then, I’ve been strict paleo – my worst cheat the entire month has been a single glass or red wine. I’ve also started crossfitting 3 times a week, though it’s still too cold out for long daily walks. The issue is, I’ve seen almost no change – I dropped 2 lbs immediately, settled at 224, and have been there since. I haven’t seen body composition change, but I haven’t been measuring – though I’m going to start.

    A normal day of food for me consists of:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in grassfed butter, sausage or bacon, coffee

    Lunch: Meat (often conventional chicken) + green vegetable, broccoli or brussels sprouts

    Dinner: Meat + green vegetable, maybe a salad with EVOO

    Snacks : Macadamia nuts (less than 1 oz), a couple of clementines, a serving of sunflower seed butter, snap peas

    I eat around 1900 calories. About 60% fat, 30% protein, 10% carbs. Maybe a little more on crossfit days, mostly in the form of fat and protein. I eat until I'm full, I just track calories because I like to have a food log.

    So what’s my deal? Should I be tweaking something? Or do I just need some patience? I find it strange that I seemed to have faster results when I was eating legumes and higher carbs.
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