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Thread: Anyone eat ground beef on a regular basis??

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    I eat twice a day and one of my meals is ground beef most days of the week!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    They have a "petburger" in the dogfood section that is 65/35 for 90% of the product plus it includes 5%liver and 5%heart. So that is about 75/25 for the whole thing. It is all human quality processing but, because of the high fat content , they have to label it "for pet consumption only". A good way to sneak some offal in for squeamish family members. Just don't tell them and they would never know.
    I love these! I usually get all my beef from Novy Ranches as it's local for me. The owner of the ranch owns the vet clinic where I take my pets. I order online and pick it up from their store next door to the clinic 5 minutes from my house. But they don't have anything like this pet burger from US Wellness so I make sure I'm always stocked up on it. It's delicious!

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    one of my favourite foods,also minced lamb too.(minced is what we call ground meat in england).
    burgers are good but my latest way is to simmer it in home made stock with herbs/spices.

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