I'm new to Primal. I picked up Blueprint on Monday and have been reading ravenously. As a nursing student it goes against a lot of what I have learned, but it all makes sense, and evolution can't be wrong!

So my question is this...how do you guys afford organic and pasture raised? I live in Western New York and with the foot of snow we have right now nothing is growing. So currently fruits and veggies are pretty expensive, let alone organic. And the organic meat in my local grocery store is beyond what I can pay. I am going to see if my local butcher is any better. (I should mention I'm on a fixed budget) I did read the section titled Going Primal on a Dime and I am going to make an effort to move things around to free up some extra income, but I was wondering if all of you out there had any ideas!


PS I can't wait till my local farmer's market opens up but that isn't till May