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how do you guys afford organic and pasture raised?
I don't. Even when the organic beef is marked down it's still quite expensive. But the local grocery stores have their new "sale" items for the week starting Wednesdays, and their fliers are posted online, even the day or evening before on Tuesday, so I like to look at those and make a list of all possible primal things to buy. Cheapest cuts of meat, which veggies are on sale, maybe some organic butter, etc. If you invest in a package of bacon, you can collect 1/3 - 1/2 cup of fat from that to cook things in for awhile (cook in the oven on a rack and collect the fat drippings). If concerned about coatings and contamination, peel veggies before use. You can also check Craigslist under "farm and garden" section for people selling eggs (and maybe meat or other things) near you. I plan to go get some local eggs soon, someone has them as low as $2/dozen, as well as local honey.