How the Mid-Victorians Worked, Ate and Died
Not that I agree with all the recommendations at the end, but it's pretty interesting. People in the Victorian age, if they survived infancy and childbirth, lived as long as we do even before modern medical advances. Eating 2x as much as we do now, they also were better able to get adequate nutrients. (We don't eat as much because our lives are more sedentary.)

A choice quote:
Given that modern pharmaceutical, surgical, anaesthetic, scanning and other diagnostic technologies were self-evidently unavailable to the mid-Victorians, their high life expectancy is very striking, and can only have been due to their health-promoting lifestyle. But the implications of this new understanding of the mid-Victorian period are rather more profound. It shows that medical advances allied to the pharmaceutical industry’s output have done little more than change the manner of our dying. The Victorians died rapidly of infection and/or trauma, whereas we die slowly of degenerative disease. It reveals that with the exception of family planning, the vast edifice of twentieth century healthcare has not enabled us to live longer but has in the main merely supplied methods of suppressing the symptoms of degenerative diseases which have emerged due to our failure to maintain mid-Victorian nutritional standards