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    Odd one out, here, but I actually eat almost no butter at all! I use bacon grease and tallow, etc. and have too much animal fat in my fridge. I'll never need to buy butter!

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    I take it out of the fridge, let it soften somewhat and then mix garlic, salt, pepper and paprika into it, and then put it back in the fridge to harden. Then use it to put on meat, potatoes, vegetables, whatever

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    I used to eat butter as a snack. Then I realized that it's really easy to mindlessly blast through a tablespoon or two of butter. So now, I figure may as well make a bulletproof coffee and enjoy the cocoa powder. Add 3 oz of canned salmon and boom, I turned the snack into dinner. Helps me keep my overall fat grams down. I eat eggs hard boiled and veggies plain so I don't use butter for much else.
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    I (try to) follow by-the-book primal as advocated by Mark Sisson, except for whey powder and a bit of cream. I advocate a two-month strict adjustment for newbies. But everybody is different and should tweak Primal to their own needs.

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    Butter is a condiment for me. It used to be very tasty in freshly made croissants but well, wheat is gone. A little piece of raw organic butter with a little salt is nice but I am not the snacking type.

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