For 2 ppl:
Made this one up tonight... Needed some fast food after Kettle Bells.. Was great and well received!

2-4 Pork Chops (depending on size)
1 Gala Apple, sliced in to half moon shapes, skin on
Sage leaves, 3-4 chopped, preferably fresh
Garlic Olive Oil and Butter, for cooking
Savoy cabbage, blanched and seasoned

Add butter and oil to pan, heat to a med-high heat then add apple slices.
When apple begins to caramelise, push apples to side of pan and add pork chops.
Cook chops on each side until fat begins to caramelise, then add sage leaves to pan and allow flavours to mingle for 2 minutes at a medium heat.
After 2 minutes turn off heat and allow meat to rest.
Plate up cabbage, put chops on top, then apples on top of chops and drizzle with pan juices.
*A good idea if you want to make it a bit more special would be to add a splash of dry white wine to the pan juices, cook off alcohol and add a splash of cream, then pour over your plated food! I haven't tried the wine and cream yet but might do next time! Enjoy!