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    Today's Blog is on health fear and anxiety. The number of medical commercials are astronomic. On some broadcast shows that's all there is. They don't make me anxious beauase, thankfully, they are required to announce the side effects. We find these commercials disgusting; anyway we've gotten in the habit of muting out all commercials. We didn't used to but today they'll string 5-7 together and that's too long to listen to. It gives us time to talk ourselves. We only watch TV 1.5 hours a day at the most anyway. We're in the long-standing habilt of watching the evening news, on some channel, and Jepardy.

    4.5 months ago I thought I was dying, literally. Now that did arouse anxiety and complete dedication to finding a solution. At 20 I didn't think I'd make it to 55. At 75 I'd like to get another 5-10 years. Certainly I see no reason to give up now. I realize I've gone way overboard. The responsibility is entirely mine. But so far it's worked. Hurray! I've now cut back supplements to just Mark's and everythings well.

    But in general Fear-mongering is all you get from the TV and from lots of on-line sites of all types. (I'd like to give up our news habit but we'd need something to replace it. Sometimes now we watch some kind of nature show.) We get fed fear from all directions. In general - America is failing, falling into a pit. It probably is but at least I've decided there's nothing any one of us can do about it so I've prepared as much as we think reasonable and then forgotton about it.
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