Water is one of the most controversial elements in the health world. Sure we are 70%~ water or whatever, sure we need to eat or drink some form of liquid to survive, yes the climate will have a big impact on these factors. That still doesnt tell us anything really on how much we should be drinking. You get the crazy extremes on one side saying 8, 8oz glasses, all the way up to a gallon a day! Peeing clear 8-12 times a day,etc. Few others will say that peeing clear is a sign of the forst signs of water intoxication and that drinking any excess water with disturb mineral balances.

So what do you all think? How much liquid do you feel best on? Any thoughts to the water clears toxins or disturbs mineral balance arguments?

Personally i get irritated having to pee often so i usually only drink when im really thirsty and usually not much water at all. When i pee, its always yellow. Some would say that im dehydrated, but im not so sure.