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Thread: Dilution is the solution to pollution... Or is it?

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    First pee of the day, like liquid amber, good flow and volume.
    A couple of coffees later and it's pale yellow and less volume.
    I usually have a glass of water or two during the day unless working in the heat, then a litre or two as I go, don't pee much as it's all gone in sweat.
    Some time after dinner usually get a bit thirsty so have a glass and that's it.
    I did used to drink and pee a lot more before primal, i.e. getting up in the middle of the night for both.

    I don't think there is any problem in drinking water fast, ideally if it is close to body temp, chilled water should be sipped to warm it up first, don't think there was time at the waterhole to lounge and sip water ancestrally, you got in, drank and got out.

    Interesting point about the Fibre Menace,
    Firstly you were told to eat shredded agricultural waste cellulose, then told to drink lots of water so it wouldn't shred your insides.

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    I don't track or measure, but I keep a 27 oz water bottle with me at work because I get thirsty and I like to drink (normal, unflavored) water over pretty much anything else. It gets refilled multiple times a day.

    I live in SoFL, so it's pretty much always hot. I find when I go to England, I drink much less than usual, but that could be from the break in habit and routine as well as the temperature/humidity difference.

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