I'm on week three of eating paleo right now and a couple of things have happened. My acne has reduced significantly and I don't shit bricks anymore for the first time in YEARS. I love these changes and I feel like it must be a sign that I'm moving in the right direction, but at the same time I'm having some issues.

First of all my wallet is hurting, a LOT. On a college students budget the rise in my grocery bill is horrifying compared to what I used to spend. It's like a month of groceries spent away in five days or less, not good. I won't lie; I'm hungry, a lot, and I'm finding it really difficult to do anything about it with such strict limitations on food. A bowl of grape nuts before bed, some whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a bowl of steel cut oats in the morning, brown rice and beans for lunch, or even barley as a side dish for dinner... a HUGE portion of my diet has suddenly been removed and even after three weeks I have completely failed to find affordable solutions to fill that void. I work late hours and when I get home I just stand in the kitchen and think "what now?" Slices of bell pepper? A carrot? Yea right, I just worked nine hours, that's not gonna do it! On the one hand it's wonderful that my acne is going away and my bathroom habits are improving, but this just doesn't feel sustainable in the long term seeing that I make $700-$900 a month.

I'm also frustrated by the endless contradictions and fighting that goes back and forth with nutritionists and bloggers and such. Paleo is good, paleo is bad, paleo actually encourages insulin resistance, this guys a quack, that guys a fraud, you should eat less than 150 grams of carbs, you should eat less than FIFTY grams of carbs, you should have high protein, you should have high fat and low protein or this and that will happen, you'll get kidney stones, you'll die etc... It's just an endless source of frustration for me, how do you guys do it?