Hi - this is my first post so please be kind

Am really new to PB - have been eating low-carb for about a year (on and off) and have been pleased with the results (lost approx 20lb) but have only just embraced PB a few days ago. I have around 7-10lbs to go but am happy to do this slowly - PB is more about a whole lifestyle change for me.

Anywayyyyy... I've been able to IF pretty easily when low-carbing, I really like it. But now and again, on the weekends etc I want to eat something breakfast-y and don't want eggs/bacon/etc (I know, weird right?!)

So today I was messing around in the kitchen and mixed up dessicated coconut, almond flour, one egg, a sloosh of double cream, half a banana and lots of cinnamon. I was planning to see if it would turn out decent pancakes but gave the mixture a taste first... and ended up eating the lot! It was so good!

Is this primal? Stupid question maybe but it was so delicious and I can really see me whipping up a batch on a Sunday morning with a herbal tea and the papers! I seem to do fine with dairy... the banana worries me a bit because it's so carby but as a once-a-week treat...?

What do you think?