Hey all-

Long story short, I think I have a recurring peptic ulcer. I've already done one treatment for it a couple months ago- my doctor prescribed me Prevacid for two weeks. It seemed to have calmed symptoms. This past weekend (St. Patricks Day), I gave in to peer pressure and went out drinking. A lot. I am fairly confident that my alcohol consumption/bad diet/extreme stress caused this in the first place. Now the same discomfort is back that I had before, and I'm thinking of giving the Prevacid another shot. However, I'm the last person on Earth that wants to put any sort of chemical medicine into their body so I'm hesitant.

My question is this:

What can I eat/do to try and offset the effects that a proton-pump inhibitor will have on my digestive system while I'm taking it? Also, are there any tried and true natural methods for healing an ulcer?

I've searched around the forum and haven't found much, which I thought was interesting seeing as how ulcers are fairly common in the United States... Any help would be greatly appreciated!