Hello! Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread, I looked and could only find one which was of no help.

I'm looking for a system where I can enter what I'm eating and it tracks the breakdown of the food/meal, e.g. nutrients, protein etc.

I've tried FitDay and Livestrong already and neither seem to manage what I need.

Fitday seems way too limiting in food selections. e.g. I have a smoothie for breakfast. I can search and specify "I eat a fruit smoothie" but it doesn't let me specify what is put in that smoothie unless I already know its nutritional breakdown, which I don't, as that's why I want to use the website! This is before I even go into more detailed paleo meals such as Thai Chicken curry etc

Livestrong just seemed to count calories which is of no interest to me.

If you've got any recommendations of what I could try that would be great.