Hi all,
I'll try to make this a long story short, but bear with me if this gets long.
I've been dealing with vague "chest pain" symptoms for the past several months which ruined my late fall marathon. After having a bazillion dollars in medical tests (EKG, ECG, pulmonary function, etc.), everything has come back normal. It was really suggested that I may have low stomach acid and that I start supplementing with HCL with pepsin. I followed this up with some research online and discover the HCL "test" in which you take one pill with the main meal of the day and increase by one pill each day until you begin to feel a warmness or light burning in your belly. At this point, take one fewer pill with your main meal until things get straightened out.
A better explanation here:
Anyway, I started with one pill last night and felt nothing in my stomach, but the mild chest pain that I've been having on and off showed up. Tonight, I took two pills with the same result; no stomach issue but chest pain. So my question: is the chest pain an alternative symptom to the stomach symptoms? Should I continue increasing the number of pills until I get the feeling in my stomach?
I don't want to make things worse by increasing pills if low stomach acid is not the problem.
Anyone else have experience with this? Should the HCL be taken with other digestive support (i.e. Caprazymes, bitters, ACV?). Maybe it's not low stomach acid, but if not...WTF is it??
FWIW: I've been eating mostly Primal since about August last year and am a long distance triathlete.
Been dealing with this for far too long and am so, so over it and would really appreciate anyone's thoughts.
Thank you!