I know I'm going to get eye rollers here but its honestly bothering me that the more strict I become with PB the more weight I gain. I am gaining muscle, yes, but with it come inches that makes me think there is more than muscle that meets the eye here. I have gained inches all over my body. I'm not thrilled about it. It makes me feel (okay this is so girly) FATTTTTT.

I've gone back to the book. Looked over the "rules". Tried to figure out where my issues are. I can't figure it out! the only vice I have is coffee-which last I heard is NOT off limits! Whats the deal! Its making me want to "quit" because really this is hard for me to keep up if I'm going to get forced out of a wardrobe right before summer!

I appreciate the effects of PB. The joints feel great, energy is awesome, I'm stronger and powerful and I'm sleeping great. "Whats the problem then?" the problem is I'm really torn because I don't like this kind of change. errrr

go ahead...bring the flames...I can take it