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Thread: Risk factors for cardiovascular disease increasing in younger Canadians page

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    Interventions to encourage healthy eating

    oh dear that's probably what's causing it, low fat high carbs strike again

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    Gotta keep the markets moving that CANola oil.

    It's funny how when most Americans didn't know squat about nutrition other than steak is good, we didn't have childhood nutrition and obesity problems. Although my parents didn't let me have candy until I was about six, there was lots of crap food everywhere. White bread, sodas with - gasp! - real sugar, cakes with frosting, and so on.

    Now we have all these "healthy" foods but no exercise playing out of doors, for instance, and all the little kiddies are getting fat. Take that PS2 outta their chubby little fingers and push them out of the door!

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    Quite! There seem to be a lot of factors all conspiring together, unfortunately all profitable.

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