Taking a break from barbells to work on mobility after an injury, I've switched to kettlebells/bodyweight exercises at home and am loving it. I bought a 35lb/16kg bell, and it's been great learning the movements.

I am self-taught (or taught via WKC on youtube), and can't yet do a snatch correctly. I'm also finding "upside down" kettlebell work pretty challenging, I can't hold it for very long. That said, swings with the 35lb aren't doing much for me in the terms of strength and I can strict press it probably 50+ times. I'm a pretty large male (6'3 235lbs), but still pretty raw in the terms of training.

Now though, I am considering buying a 2nd bell. The Play It Again Sports near me has great kettlebells at prices that are hard to beat, with no shipping. Bought the 35lb for $55.

I'm wondering, am I better off buying a heavier bell (20kg or 24kg?) or should I buy a 2nd 35lb bell to work on doubles? Sorry if it is a stupid/redundant question, I'm fairly new to kettlebells.