So, this post was inspired by the Women Who Eat a Ton thread. I have been following it with much interest, even though I have not posted to it in many pages. It's kind of gone in a different direction lately, but it got me to thinking very hard about what's happened to me in the last year. Since I had data to look at (thank you, LoseIt), I decided to really look at it. The graph below is my weight loss since March 30, 2012. I weigh every day, but only record the weight when I hit a new low. I started slowly transitioning to a mostly primal diet around July.

In October/November I noticed my weight loss slowing down and I was much hungrier. I adjusted my calorie budget to 1 lb loss/per week and then later to 1/2 lb/week. The second graph is a close-up of the October-present time frame. Around Christmas, I really went off the rails calorie-wise and I couldn't seem to get completely back on track. Still the net result was continued (slow) weight loss. The last couple of weeks, I have been less hungry and weight is starting to really drop again.

Then, I decided to look at my calories. The third graph is daily calories since March 2012. Every blue diamond is one day. The red line is daily average across the whole year. So, it's true, I have been eating more and more, even though it's not every day. Every day above 2000 calories almost certainly contained alcohol and at least a little non-primal food.

I'm still trying to make sense of this. I was overweight/obese almost my entire adult life. In my late teens and early twenties, I kept my weight under control with purging and mad aerobics. Now my only exercise is yoga class once a week and brisk walking when I think of it. I feel amazing and I can't believe cutting out grains and processed food was all it took.

Anyway, I love my scale and I love my calorie counting app. They've given me beautiful, beautiful pictures that make me love the food I'm eating even more.