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Thread: How do you deal with living in a house where only you are primal?

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    The problem I have right now is that I had a very nasty flu last week, stomach pain, nausea, diarreah, the works. And ever since then I haven't recovered my taste for primal foods :s , my stomach still feels a little funny, I've eaten food that I usually love but right now, I have to force myself to eat them. I hope it goes away soon.

    Part of the problem for me is that whenever I have stomach issues, my go-to comfort foods are not primal, usually white rice, toast and believe it or not, coke. I had that last week for a few days because I couldn't eat anything else, now I'm strugling to go back to primal. First time this has happened to me.

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    White rice is okay. When I worked for veterinarians, they used to put animals on a mix of white rice and ground beef with the fat rinsed off after cooking. One time I tried it for me when I couldn't keep anything down well, and it worked okay. Bland with a little salt as the only seasoning.

    My mom used to give me cola syrup when I had a tummy ache as a child, so I totally understand the coke.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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