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Thread: Do you donate blood?

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    Do you donate blood?

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    I used to be a regular blood donor. I haven't donated for a couple of years though. Too tired, too stressed, not enough time, didn't feel like it, etc.....

    Now that I am feeling great, I want to go donate, but I am wondering if I should wait. To begin, I am in nutritional ketosis, and although it's working for me, I am wondering if it would be good for a sugar-burner recipient to received blood full of beta-hydroxybutyrate (keytones). Second, I am only 5 weeks into my journey, should I wait longer, and give my body more time to continue healing before donating?

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    I say go ahead. I don't really see how it could be bad for you or the recipient. Many studies show benefit for the donor. Here is one:
    Iron stores, blood donation, and insulin sensitivi... [Clin Chem. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI

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    I donate. I am sure if keytones were an issue it would be in the literature they have you read before donation or they would test you for it.

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    I donate. Go for it.
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    your blood only adds a part to the the rest of the blood of the recipient so I doubt there will be an issue

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    Nope, but I'm happy to sell my plasma.
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    Can't. I've got tiny veins, and the blood center told me to go home.
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    Do it regularly - don't think ketosis should affect the overall picture at all.

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    I live in a state of NK and I donate every 8 weeks. I think my keytones will probably be good for whoever gets them.

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    ketones are not a factor, but i travel too frequently to europe now for them to accept my blood.
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