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Thread: Suki's online journal

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    Suki's online journal

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    This is another message of *thanks* to Suki for taking the time to enter everything she eats (both foods and amounts) and make it public!

    I have been watching and she is totally kicking it. I'm only 3+ months into paleo but if anyone else is new and wants to see how a veteran triathlete, daily IFing, paleo person eats, this is a great thing to watch. She is eating *a lot* of wild fish, grass fed meat (with some liver today), non starchy veggies, some eggs here and there, a few nuts and small portions of cheese (and no alcohol yet that I have seen) - check it out! As she has stated in other posts, she is eating all this food (typically 1500-2000 calories) after 4 to 8, sometimes starting a bit earlier on workout days. Her ratios so far have been 50-65% fat, 5-10% carbs, rest protein. From my view it looks pretty much ideal - except the dairy, haha Suki, just kidding - since you don't drink, skip the chocolate and don't have any fruit except avocados, if you like the cheese eat up.

    Suki please keep this going for a while, you have readers.
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