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Thread: Question regarding Vital Omegas from Primal Blueprint Store

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    Question regarding Vital Omegas from Primal Blueprint Store

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    Hi . I am using Vital Omegas from the supplement store of Primal Blueprint. I take 3 capsules a day with meals as prescribed on the bottle.

    I have been doing some reading online and came across this fact stating that an individual needs 2g EPA and 1.5g DHA.

    As each capsule of Vital Omega has 300mg of DHA and 200mg of EPA I am consuming 900gms of EPA and 600gms of EPA daily.

    Is this enough? or I should be consuming 2g EPA and 1.5g DHA daily i.e. popping in 7 pills of Vital Omegas with a meal preferably with dinner as it slows down absorption.

    Let me have your thoughts on this.

    Thank you



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    Why do you believe you need that number or EPA and DHA? Those omega 3 supplements can be expensive and the long term studies on them have not been consistently favorable. Just because the supplement says it has a certain amount of EPA and DHA does not mean your body is even capable of absorbing and using it. Why not just keep your omega 6 low by eating a clean whole food based diet and eat fish and grass fed beef once in awhile instead? If you cannot find a good grass fed beef source and you do not like the taste of fish I would still consider lowering your omega 6 consumption first and foremost. Then if you absolutely need a supplement consider fermented cod liver oil (Green Pastures) which is more of a whole food rather than a supplement anyways.
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