I've been on this plan for 2 weeks now, have lost 10 pounds already, and have stopped taking 90% of my daily insulin (180 units per day before this plan), and I feel great. But I have questions about what is allowed to eat, so I will just ask. Here are the foods I would like to know about. Bacon, Smart Balance Buttery Spread, milk (2%), cheese, rutabaga (which I love), COFFEE, coffee cream, and Dreamfields Past (recommended by the American Diabetes Association).
Yes, I am type 2 diabetic. I take a lot of fish oil. I also take Crestor (which I would love to stop). Since starting this plan, my endochrenologist has given me permission to stop my insulin except for 25 units in the morning because my glucose levels have really come down drastically in the past 2 weeks.

So, how about it? The foods mentioned above, can I eat them, or are they off limits. There are only 2 items listed that would be nearly impossible to give up-bacon and coffee. Help!