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Thread: just started a motivational fb page

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    just started a motivational fb page

    I'm just your everyday average guy. I use to be over weight and went thought a pretty big transformation.I decided to make this page to motivate and inspire people to loss weight. I was just an average guy who was over weight and out of shape. The weight loss has changed my life in so many ways. I used to have back problems and asthma i would get shaky all the time. I no longer have any problems.

    Ask long as you stay consistent with things, you will see results.. I love real before and after pictures. So if any of you have some you would like to share, send them my way. I will provide links to scientific studies and other varies site to help your weight loss and weight training regiments..

    I dont sell anything on the page or promote things. I'll be giving out daily tips and what not to help people out with there weight loss and training regiments. I hope to see you guys on there. There isnt much on there, as i just created it. Everyday i will be adding helpful tips. Thanks
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    Being consistent, gets results...

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