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Thread: Esp. for ex-vegetarians: 80% raw food vegan, 20% other Paleo = 100% paleo

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    Esp. for ex-vegetarians: 80% raw food vegan, 20% other Paleo = 100% paleo

    I've been wanting to share this for some time in case it is of help to someone else...

    So, like a lot of people that came to paleo, one of the factors that got me here was a failed vegetarian or vegan diet. Like many others on this board, I was well informed, and ate vegetarian or vegan for much of my adult life but did not achieve longterm wellness.

    Enter a paleo diet and healing. I love eating Paleo! Been paleo since Jan '12. I began it very meat heavy.(And I still adore my meats - esp. bacon!)..But I also still have my love for raw fruits and veggies though. Strangely enough, it took time to figure out how to "work it all in."

    For now I seem to have landed at about a 75-80% raw vegan diet (ie fruits and veggies) and 20% "anything else paleo". Great mix for me for now anyway. shows I'm getting all my nutrients and I feel great!

    Thus the title: "for the ex-vegetarians"...I feel a kinship for others that vegetarianism also failed. if you want to shake up what you are doing a bit or you still have a pull toward veggies, for me, this really is the best of both worlds. XOXO

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