I am like a lot of people, tired of being sick and tired. I am 45 years old male and have struggled with my body composition since I got out of High School, at one point about 6 years ago I hit my heaviest weight at about 230 lbs., I was having gout attacks 2-3 times a year (had it since my early 20s).

I decided I better do something as I had struggled with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and borderline diabetic. I lost some weight but eventually put it back on. Then a couple of years ago I did the p-9ox thing and got my weight down to 173, just 8 lbs. short of my high school weight, I put about 10lbs back on and felt awesome. Then I took a fall at work and broke some ribs along my back and that's where the wheels fell off again.

I gained all the way back to 215lbs. by late last fall, so I decided to meet with a trainer but he had about a 6 mo. waiting list. He told me to go to my Dr. and get some blood work done and get clearance to train, I then made an appointment and when I was in the office the nurse took my blood pressure and it was 195/115, they then escorted me to the emergency room as they thought I was having a heart attack, needless to say it put a little scare in me. I then went and had stress tests done and everything was ok so Dr. gave me clearance to train (of course they put me on all the meds, I hate meds).

So 6 weeks ago I started training with the trainer. I have lost 13.5 lbs but the change in my appearance is what amazes me. He has me on an 1800 calorie diet with 40 grams of healthy carbs,100 grams of healthy fat,and about 200 grams of lean protein, and every once and awhle he throws in a high carb day. That is what has led me here to the "Daily Apple".. My training is 3 days a week of cross fit type work and the off days are lite cardio.

I am currently reading The Primal Blueprint and have been using some of the recipes from the cookbook, I am committed to this lifestyle change and the spouse is kinda following along which helps....

Thanks for reading my long post