Have been hesitant to post this and, in an effort to spare everyone, searched both 'fishy' and 'poo' with no luck.

So...lately I've noticed that my poo smells somewhat like fish oil. I don't take what I believe is an unusual amount...3-4 grams of Carlson's liquid fish oil OR four capsules of NOW DHA-500 (3 grams O3, 4 grams total).

There was a time where I was not very consistent with my fish oil and didn't notice this. More recently though I've been sticking to it and noticed this phenomenon. FWIW, I have been using these particular products for years and this is only a recent thing.

I take a digestive enzyme 3x/day and have what appears to be relatively good digestion, so don't think I'm having problems digesting the fish oil dose.

Anyone else experience this? Any clues to what might cause it?