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Thread: How's my eating? Too much?

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    Thank you all for your comments. Yes, I do eat red meat as well - probably a couple times a week. I do enjoy fish too and could probably eat it more often.

    My weight seems to be staying pretty much the same. I actually lost 3 or 4 lbs pretty quickly after I started eating primally again and definitely feel less bloated. I think I had some unhealthy emotional ties to food (sugar in particular) and I feel much more free in that regard.

    As far as exercise, I do about 30 mins of body weight exercises 3x/wk, sprints on my spin bike 1x/wk, Turbo Fire HIIT workouts 1-2x/wk, and walk the dog almost every day.

    I guess the reason I asked the question is because I often feel like I've eaten too much after each meal. Like breakfast for example, I eat it and drink two cups of coffee with coconut milk and then feel stuffed for an hour or two afterward. I know the logical answer would be to eat a little less, but I've lost my period for months at a time in the past, so I'm afraid of that happening again. I'm also afraid if I don't eat enough at meals, that I'm going to fall back on regular snacking and I'd prefer not to do that.
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    I would add more fat- coconut oil and nuts.

    I'm around your height, and have a small frame as well, and lost about 4 pounds when I went paleo- down to 113. I knew to be healthy I had to regain the weight and am currently at 117. I know I need to be around 122. 113 is very low bodyweight for someone who is 5'5, underweight I believe, even with a small bone structure. Focus on being healthy.
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