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Thread: Chicken and Beef sausage Traybake

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    Red face Chicken and Beef sausage Traybake

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    Just had this and it was so more-ish! It's a take on Nigella Lawsons Italian chicken tray bake but I've added my own ingredients and taken away the regular potatoes.

    6 Chicken thighs (boneless or if you want with bone and skin) - whole
    6 100% Beef and cracked pepper sausages- chopped into thirds
    Red and yellow bell peppers - chopped in big pieces
    2 red onions - chopped into eighths
    10 cherry tomatoes
    1 garlic bulb - separated into cloves leave outer skins on
    Zest of one lemon
    1 large sweet potato - chopped into big cube type pieces
    Courgette - chopped into biggish pieces
    3-4 tbsp Virgin olive oil
    Sprinkling of salt, pepper, dried rosemary and dried thyme.

    Preheat oven 220degrees centrigrade or 180 for a fan oven. (420F/360F for fan)
    Place 2 tbsp of oil in large shallow baking/roasting tray. Roll the chicken thighs all over in oil, then scatter all other ingredients into tray and give a good shake. Pour the other tbsp oil over the top, season with a generous amount of black pepper and some sea salt. Shake thyme and rosemary over and coat all the ingredients. Take the zest of one lemon and sprinkle over the top. Place in oven for 50-60 minutes when the sausages and chicken should have a nice tan! I take out at 30min and baste all the ingredients with the lovely juices.

    The lovely thing with this it is so flexible. You can throw whatever primal veg you like in and roast them with the chicken and sausages. You do not have to include sweet potato if you're very strictly primal!

    I'm very satisfied!

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    I can vouch! Yum!

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