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Thread: What to put my Marmite on??

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    Is Marmite the same thing as Vegemite? And why was it gone and now back?

    Forgive the clueless Yank questions.

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    Hi PB - some people say that it tastes like vegemite - but most of us say - it does not !!!!!
    The Sanitarium Factory was badly damaged in the earthquakes here in Christchurch - so its great that its now back on the supermarket shelves
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Is Marmite the same thing as Vegemite? And why was it gone and now back?

    Forgive the clueless Yank questions.
    Noooooooooooooooooooo. Not the same.

    They are the same in the same way that the Red Sox and the Yankees are the same. Or the same way that the Lakers and the Clippers are the same. Or Almond flour and coconut flour being the same.
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    A bit with scrambled eggs but confess I have the V in my pantry not the M.

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    I'm a vegemite fan, so I use vegemite on celery sticks. Delicious... As we know Vegemite and Marmite are vastly different and I couldn't touch Marmite to try it myself, but maybe celery would work for Marmite too? :-)

    Hmmmmm Vogels and Vegemite and butter, Hmmmmm Vogels under a poached egg, Hmmmm toasted vogels and sardines with salt and pepper...

    I'm so glad I there is no Vogels in Australia.... I think I would be tempted more often. Do Vogels know they make the best bread in the world? When I lived in England I used to get friends to bring it over - I could buy Vegemite at the NZ Shop next to the NZ embassy, but they didn't stock Vogels.

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    Oh no, I read the label and no way is Marmite primal so it will have to be part of my 20%.

    But since "too much spoils the flavour" anyway it should easily fit.

    No more Vogel's though, I've discovered it tastes just fine on cheese.

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    Slice cucumber and cheese. Pile it up with marmite spread between layers.
    Dip bacon in a marmite and tomato based sauce.
    Spread the same sauce on steak.
    Mix marmite, olive-oil, basil and thyme into a dressing for salads and baked veg.

    Use sparingly or dilute if you use it often, due to salt content (unless salt in your diet is low, then feel free to go a bit crazy ).
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    I don't have Vegemite in the house any more (though I loooooooooove it). But when I did, this primal "bread" tasted pretty damn good with a bit of good butter and Vegemite spread on it.

    (My version involved onion powder and a few sesame seeds for extra flavour.)
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    the ingredients on the pommie one are listed as yeast extract, salt, vegetable extract, vitamin : niacin, spice extract, vitamins : b1, b2, celery extract, vitamins : folic acid and b12 which all look primal to me. due to the malt in normal marmite we cant eat it so we make do. the kids like it and they cant remember what they are missing. thankfully. i do have a vivid memory of dd#1 eating a tsp of marmite with half a cherry one day when she was a small child LOL

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    Obtain some organically-grown twigs from a suitable garden shrub or ornamental tree. Section into 1" lengths, dip each in Marmite, and arrange artistically on a plain white plate. Serve with white wine vinegar in champagne flutes, sweetened with stevia. This can be a real hit at New Year's Eve parties.
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