I've really done the best job ever adding micronutrients, omega-3's, etc. to my diet. While ditching most of the grains and sugar did seem to make me feel less hungry, I'm finding as time goes by that I have crave less of anything. At first, I was craving really healthy stuff but now it's getting easier and easier to not snack or overeat. I assume this might be because of my improved nutritional profile?

Prior to getting back to a primal type of eating, I had learned that I had low levels of hcl. I'm guessing that I was deficient in many nutrients because of that and I was ingesting grains and legumes that probably kept me from being able to absorb other nutrients. I felt hungry and thought about food a lot, probably because I was suffering from malnutrition although I certainly didn't look malnourished! Now, I seem to have settled into a nice rhythm and definitely feel true stomach hunger much more often than I used to. I also seem to have less emotional eating temptations.

For years, I have doubted that all of a sudden Americans became lazy overeaters, just because they were unmotivated and gluttonous. The low fat food craze that hit in the late 80's, coupled with less and less nutrition in the "food" we have consumed have most likely lead to this SAD epidemic of obesity and disease. It seems so tragic to see so many led astray by the information that is out there. I was one of them for years and didn't realize how misguided the mainstream nutritional information really is. We really need to relearn how to choose food, cook and eat as a society.