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Thread: Coconut oil giving me stomach pains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    If the chicken's got skin, it greases the pan itself.
    I like to high heat sear a lot of meats in cast iron so I usually need just enough to make the bottom non-stick.
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    My vote is "if it hurts, don't eat it." Or at least cut back until you have adapted. Scallops make me retch. I don't think it's because they're cleansing my system; I'm just not meant to eat them.
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    when i first started eating it i got cramps for a week or so. they went away and now i have no problems. i do think it's an adaptation to lauric acid content. BUT as most said, if it doesn't work for you...don't bother.
    i would think that you would react the least to coconut oil (coconut cream/milk often have guar gum which irritates my gut). remember, every body is different so listen to yours, not everyone elses!

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    Stick with macadamia nut oil for cooking instead!

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