I'm in college and I share a kitchen with about fifty other girls (some of whom I know, most of whom I do not). This morning, after a nice long walk through NYC in the snow, I was in my dorm kitchen making myself a big breakfast. Just as I was sliding everything from my frying pan onto my plate, a girl walks in and stares wide-eyed at my pile of food.

"You must be hungry," she murmurs, pouring herself a bowl of Kashi low-fat cereal. I laugh and say, "yeah." I think that's going to be the end of our interaction, but I can see she's still watching me.

"I wish I could do that, but I'm on a diet," she mutters. I can sense some amount of haughtiness in her voice. She adds, "Bikini season is only a few months away." She's easily thirty pounds heavier than me.

I don't pause in what I'm doing. The only reply I can think of is "good luck with that." But oh, she's not done. She's going to really make herself feel better.

"What is that... steak, avocado, and an egg? You must not be worried about your figure at all."

Finished at the stove, I quickly pick up my plate and move towards the door, but not before correcting her, "Oh no, I really am thinking about my figure. That's why there's two more eggs under the steak."

PB: 1. CW: 0