^That's the bridge I'm crossing, and the view becomes more vibrant and delightful with each step. When I look back I see a chapter of my life, a period of experience. I will shed this sickness, this negativity, and it will be but a memory.

Someday I'll be able to look back and say: "You know, I've been there. I've had problems with depression and anxiety, health problems that made life tough. I've been alone, unhealthy, weak. You look at me now and see someone happy and healthy. But I have had my troubles. I'm grateful for my troubles. Because at the young age of 23 I'd had enough pain and misery, I'd already made so many stupid decisions and paid for them.

"That's why I'm lucky dear friend. Because I was only 23 when I realized that I had a huge opportunity that was spread out before me. And I realized that I was quite capable of making the best decisions, having already dealt with bad health I set out to have the best health. To make the most of myself.

"Had I never been sick. I would have continued to make bad decisions, and had the sickness been gradual, I would never have noticed. Instead it took over, my body rebelled, and forced me to turn around. I once was angry that others could get away with crappy decisions, and body couldn't handle it. That others had what I had not in everything, family, friends, finance.

"But now you see how wealthy I really am. I have experience, I'm equipped with an outlook that allows me to take anything with a grain of salt. I've made it a lifestyle to exercise discipline in all things. To make choices and not simply accept the norm. To go out and get what I want.

"The envy I felt then was useless. Irrational. For, I could not see their futures, and I could not see my own. But when I realized that I was simply a larva, a cocoon, a child, I was not content to be sick. At least, I was not content to lie down without a fight. And when I started acting, I stopped worrying. I when I stopped worrying, I felt happy."

That's what I'll say.

So far it's been a gradual transition into primal. Experimentation.
3.5 months or so since I quit smoking.
Around 2 months since I said good riddance to soda and sweets, juice etc. And started eating real food.
And not long since I got over the carb flu. But hey, I can't even remember when I stopped eating grains, a couple weeks I think. The best couple weeks I've had in a long time. Quitting grains was sooooo effective. Cutting carbs and starch as well! Systemic Inflammation way down.
I quit my over the counter meds. My antihistamines, my tylenol, my ibuprofen. I don't need them.

Someday my skin allergy and headache will disappear for good. There's no point in doubting it.

Some stats. About a month ago I was 6'1 180lbs. Size 35-36

I'm now at 173lbs. Size 32

I lost the sizes before I lost the weight! How weird is that? My guess is that I'll be a lean lean 165 within a few more weeks. Seeing as I'm in Ketosis.50-80 carbs a day the past few days. But I get a good chunk of calories. 1600-2200 or so.