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Thread: Progress :)

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    Progress :)

    While a totally jacked shoulder (both mechanically and neurological problems with a couple of the muscles) make it very difficult for me to lift higher than a power clean, I am very pleased with my lower body strength progress. I can now both deadlift and back squat 135 pounds - which is more than my body weight. I am a 53 year old woman who has spent most of her life sedentary and obese - while I lost the weight 3 years ago through a CW low-fat diet and cycling/general fitness, I just started really focusing on strength last July. I know this weight is nothing compared to what many of you are doing, but I am pleased to see progress, any kind of positive strength progress.

    It will be interesting to see whether I gain strength more quickly now for deadlifting or back squats. So far my shoulder/neck issues don't seem to be interfering with the squats, but I am keeping an eye out for neck pain later. My trainer is VERY careful to make certain the Oly bar is in the right position on my traps for squatting, not on my neck.
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