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Thread: Advertising Cereals as "Healthy" ; stop being fooled...

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    Advertising Cereals as "Healthy" ; stop being fooled...

    Saw an ad for the ceral "Grape Nuts Fit"
    Sounds really healthy; ... its a disaster.

    We grew up believing it was great stuff. "100%" of your daily allowance of grain. LOL. Firstly the name ; "Fit" . Its got 0 Cholesterol. Wow. Sounds healthy. Its "power packed". Meaningless. No saturated fat; only 5% total fat. Wow. In truth; its got over 40 grams of Carbohydrate. Possibly more than 70 grams. All processed. They tout its "fiber". I get more fiber from a bell pepper. Oh and 9 grams of wonderful healthy sugar.... Yum. Tooth decay and wheat irritable bowel.

    Check out the label:

    Grape-Nuts Fit Nutrition Information | Post Foods
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