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    Never. I don't eat any seafood. I've always hated the taste of the stuff. Which is a shame because I live right across the road seafood co-op on the water. I don't usually supplement fish oil but I did go through a bottle of red krill oil that lasted a month. I didn't notice any difference so I won't be buying it again.

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    Not at all these days, but I used to eat farmed salmon until I read some articles that made me worry that I would give birth to mutant children in the future if I kept on eating contaminated fish, so I stopped.
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    I, too, stopped supplementing with fish oil because I eat fish about 5 times a week or more. Mainly I eat canned wild salmon from Wild Planet (my breakfast staple). I can also get wild salmon at my supermarket, and I buy wild shrimp. I try to avoid all 'farmed' fish.

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    truly, it depends upon the farming. A lot of fish farming *is* absolute madness and not sustainable or healthy.

    but, some farms are awesomesauce.

    certainly helps to know your farmers.

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    3 times per week. sometimes more. mostly canned, wild-caught or line caught stuff. salmon. tuna. sardines, etc. local stuff when i can get it

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    I have some tuna as a condiment with my egg salad and head cheese at lunch pretty much every day. For supper I have fish 2-3 times a week.

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    I eat canned sardines and/or canned wild salmon 3-5 times a week. On a good week, we'll also have seafood for dinner 1-2 times, but my husband isn't a big fish eater so that can be a bit of a struggle. I don't take any fish oil supplements, but probably would if my intake went down.

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    Mark had a post recently saying that there is more omega 3 in smoked salmon than in canned salmon. I eat a lot of salmon. I'd eat it every day twice a day if I could.
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    Usually have fish 2-3 x week for dinner, (and usually then 2-3 x week for lunch as leftovers), and I may have fish for anywhere from 0 - 5 x week for breakfast. So, 4-11 x week.

    Breakfast is usually smoked salmon or pickled herring with some combo of: avocado, cream cheese, goat cheese, tomato, cucumber.

    I also keep tinned sardines in olive oil in my desk at work for a snack, might have them once every 2-3 weeks. Not usually too hungry during the day though.

    Wife is pescetarian, thus more fish for dinner.

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    I use frozen fish fillets as sort of a protein supplement. Pollock,haddock,tilapia, salmon. One is always on sale at my local grocery store, so I pick them up as they go on sale. Example: last week frozen pollock was on sale @ $3.49/lb bags. Picked up 4 of them. 5 wrapped fillets in each, I toss 3 in the toaster oven for 25mins @ 400deg, instant 60g of protein!

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