I'm just wondering what y'all think of the idea of trying to deliberately SLOW your metabolism. (For someone who is happy with their weight, at least). Yeah, it's unheard of in modern culture, but it's what Grok would have desired, isn't it?

I've read that yoga can slow your metabolism (assuming you're not doing hot yoga or some fast-paced yoga-ish class, but just, yanno, sitting cross-legged on a mat and meditating). I'd say 95% of my exercise comes from things like holding poses or stretching; lately I don't feel inclined to run or bike--though that could be a response to the crappy weather--and so I haven't done much cardio (unless you count, yanno, exercise in the bedroom, the Grokkiest workout there is ). I lift weights at home occasionally, nothing too heavy and only when I feel like it.

Even so, I have a decently active life, a good amount of walking during the day, lots of yoga, occasional lifting of heavy things, sometimes I feel inclined to sprint up the stairs to my apartment... I think I have a pretty slow metabolism as it is, but for the sake of food cost, it would benefit me to require as little food as possible. I'm not anorexic by any means; if I'm hungry, I eat, and I eat whatever I want (I only want primal things, have lost taste for sugar/most grains/processed crap, except the occasional beer). I'm just wondering, has anyone else set out to slow their metabolism, and if so, what methods did you use, what worked, what didn't... go!