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Thread: Deliberately slowing down metabolism?

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    Anyway, my advice for your husband is to just tell him to stop eating foods that make him feel bloated, uncomfortable, tired, etc; Those are signs of inflammation in the gut, which is leading to serotonin build-up.

    Also, make him a carrot salad, and eat it yourself, too! Carrots are cheap.

    grated carrots, coconut oil, vinegar, and salt. Eat it daily, you'll probably notice various improvements quickly.

    Good luck.
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    2ndchance, I live in a major urban centre in the "green belt" of Ontario so the issue is not the availability of quality food. As I said earlier, it's the PRICE of it. There is an organic butcher near me that I walked into and honest to goodness, there were no prices listed. At all. It was like a Chanel boutique. If you have to ask how much something is, clearly you cannot afford it. Blame my Iron Curtain upbringing but as I said earlier, there is no way I am willing to pay (or able to afford to, at this stage) $40/kg for grassfed meat. So the organic grain-fed meat from the farmer's market it is.

    So you keep operating on your emotional standpoint and eating your grains and I will keep eating my meat. Agree to disagree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    This is why VLC proponents such as Ron Rosedale propose that reduced T3 conversion is of benefit in a ketotic state. He believes that the lowered rate of conversion is conducive to longevity.

    Thermogenesis – Not So Good For Health – Ron Rosedale | Me and My Diabetes

    "In addition to asking what foods improve hormone signaling, you’re also asking another question. You’re asking “What foods generate the most metabolic heat, simply to digest them, and what foods generate the least amount of heat? The answer to that question gives you a good strong predictor of what is going to lead to the least wear and tear on the body."

    Ron would be the anti-thermogenesis fella in this debate. So you have two polar extremes with Peat and Ron's protocols and health philosophies.

    Frankly, I don't think either one of them are gonna make you a supercentarian.
    True. And come to think of it I would like to see a conversation between peter attia and Ron rosedale. One believes ketosis is awesome due to the higher metabolism and ability to eat more calories, and the other believes ketosis is awesome due to the lowered metabolism and t3.

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