I have been doing the paleo thing for about a year. Just got some labs done as I am trying to find out why I have a sore neck all the time right about where my thyroid is. Most things looked good, esp my LDL/HDL, which was 3.37, but there were some issues.

You guys are a smart bunch, so here's the off numbers.

RDW = 11.8 (low) Ref Range 12.0-16.2
Basophils Auto = (high) 2.2 Ref Range 0.0-2.0

Albumin 5.1 (high) Ref Range 3.4-5.0
Globulin 2.1 (low) Ref Range 2.3-4.0
Albumin/Glubulin ratio 2.4 (high) Ref Range (1.1-2.2)

And one more which was not out of bracket but caught my eye as I am beginning to think I may have hypothyroidism...

Thyroxine 4.2 Ref Range 4.0-12.0

However, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone came in at 3.67 with a range of 0.30-5.00

Discuss, etc.