Hello fellow Groks and Grokettes!

My name is Matthew. I am a 24 year old student living very much in this modern world. I have congenital hypothyroidism and have a history of depression (what was diagnosed as dysthymia) and am happy to say that I have stopped taking anti-depression medication alltogether. It's been almost 2 years and I feel good.

A coworker mentioned marksdailyapple to me a few months ago and I decided to take a look. I am reading the Primal Blueprint right now and have taken this low-carb, paleo diet into my life (not with a full embrace) and am trying to get to a point where my fatigue isn't chronic and I get rid of my excess body fat. My body fat % is somewhere around 26%.

Two years ago I weighed 230 lbs and my diet was anything but paleo. Today I am 185 lbs and I lost all that weight out of sheer willpower and chronic cardio, without changing my CW diet at all. Now I want to take things to another level. Looking forward to being a member here.

Thanks for reading,