Okay, my mom started Perfect Health Diet, and she's got the same problems I did on the VLC: she only sleeps 5 hours a night and wakes up wired, and she is hungry. For me the problem was resolved by adding carbohydrates (I eat over 200 g a day) and having a tbsp of honey before bed. And eating more that caused ~15 lbs weight gain but get rid of the food obsession and let me live my life.

She has about 100-150 g carbs a day from squash & sweet potato, fruit, braises everything in lard and coconut oil, and has one slice of bread a week. She is going for coffee with a minuscule piece of cheese breakfasts, not counting that cheese she goes for 18 hours without food (why and how she does it if she is ravenous at 3 am, don't know). To me it appears she is under-eating protein. She is not lifting, but she bikes like 10-20 K a day and swims slowly for 20-30 min, and is generally on her feet out and about, so plenty of MS. She is about 3 weeks into it. She wants to address the fat on the stomach problem, not to lose weight (she is an extreme apple-shape).

I told her to count up her protein and fats to see her ratios. Also told her that if she is breaking fast anyway with cheese, to eat a couple of eggs with it. She said tried to eat as much meat at a sitting as recommended (~ 200 g) and felt horribly full and bloated after. But refuses to eat pure fat for small volume/high cals. I suggested she increases the # of meals if she only can eat small meals (see breakfast).

Am I BS'ing her or giving right ideas? Thoughts?