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Thread: Runner's Diarrhea- Help!

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    I've never had Diarrhea but occasionally experienced minor leakage when excersise get more intense?! which can be discomfortable, its like there excess fluid there but the stools themselves are fine, sorry to be a bit graphic, and only part related. Any suggestions?

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    Um, I'm not a runner, so I don't know anything about the carb needs and such. But it seems to me that you guys have a low-carb primal lifestyle then the day of a race dump a whole heap of carbs on your system, and wonder why you get an upset tummy.

    Could you consider a gradual ramp-up of carb intake before race day to let your body adjust, so that you don't get such a shock from it. Also looking at some moderate GI foods the night and morning before so you've got a more gradual release. I'd be avoiding dairy due to the lactose content.

    Need to find an expert on exercise physiology who is into low-carb. This would be a good an article topic for Mark!
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    PrimalHound - You can also try the eggs hard boiled. That is how I originally ate them. One morning we didn't have any hard boiled, so I downed a few raw. Now I just do it because it's quick!

    My goal is easily digestible protein for sustaining energy. Eggs are a great source!

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    I'm going to order those Honey Stingers and see how my system does with those. Didn't think about hard-boiled eggs. That's certainly an easier option for me.

    Helen in Oz- I agree with you. My belly doesn't seem to be able to handle the high-carb chews that I ingest during the race. The diarrhea seems to come when I reach a certain mileage (usually 18 and over) and nerves come into play too, I think. I'm going to incorporate more sweet potatoes and more carbs a few days before the 20 miler and the marathon to help my body adjust.

    Thanks everyone!

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    marathon habits

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    the advice I have been given which I found helpful is to make sure you are up at least 2 hours (minimum!) before the race and eat then. I would have a banana and maybe a couple of scrambled eggs. Usually just a coffee and a banana.
    Go for a one to two km jog around the block (this is a good hour before you even leave for the start line). It gets your system moving and warms you up with plenty of time for your body to then do its thing. Sit on the loo and be patient. A warm shower first helps.
    Watch your sugar intake. I can't do a maranthon without gels but I have found the Clif Bar gels the best (and I have no affiliation with the company). I get them sent here from the US (I am in oz). I try and put off the sports drinks till the last few miles.
    Having said that, since doing the primal thing I am no longer interested in full marathons - just the odd half and loads more sprints and 10kms.
    Still if you have the 42.2 bug, you have it

    oh and one thing more: don't do anything in the marathon that you haven't practised many times in your long runs!
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