Hallo, ich heisse Johannes (as I would say in my high school German class)!

Actually my name is Justin, but you can call me anything at all (seriously, I've always wanted a nickname). I grew up in Oregon, but fate has me studying in the Midwest. I grew up basically Primal, eating traditional Korean foods and doing everything barefoot and outside. Turn the sundial ahead 18 years and enter college-Justin. Finally eating on my own, choosing activities as I please. Curse you, dining hall food! Just 4 months of eating crap and I could feel myself slowly deteriorating. Sleep went out the door, eating regularly wasn't a priority, and stress just shoved itself down my throat (I know I'm really stressed when I each pass of my hand through my hair makes me slightly more aerodynamic). Tack on a roommate that refused to speak to talk to me for an unknown reason, I thought I had no outlets. Except for my skin, that is. You see, I had a very normal skin until my first winter in college. Mr. Pimple crashed a party that wasn't even happening and summoned every pimple and it's neighbor to my face. I spent the next year devoted to, no, enslaved by my skin. You could make an internet meme with my face: "What are social functions?" or "Sorry, UV rays" come to mind. Needless to say, people were jerks about it and I found it easiest to just go about my day alone.

So, now, how I did I stumble upon MDA and the primal/paleo lifestyle? I heard about the "caveman regimen" for skin care and dug a little deeper to find out more about these silly cavemen (happy note: not washing with poison got one particular cyst to finally give up rent and leave after a 9 month residency). Alongside this "regimen" I decided to take dietary self-experimentation seriously and found out which foods did what to me.

Guess what? Grains and legumes just make me kind of hate life (shocker, huh?). I'm fine with some dairy like butter and yogurt, though I haven't had milk or cheese in ages. In general, I eat whatever I feel like eating (which is handy, since the only foods I don't want to eat are those life-suckers).

Ah, I guess I should re-address the whole acne thing. Since stopping those OTCs and eating what my body really wants, I've cleared up almost 95%. I still breakout, but nothing lasts as long as the rental-monstrosity from 2012. Now, I'm dealing with more PIH than I know how to handle.

This journal is just going to be an ongoing log of random things, often times moments when I say, "Oops," but there will be normal stuff like food and exercise, too. I promise.