I'm starting a total 30 tomorrow and experimented with having a bigger, higher fat breakfast this weekend. It did, very much, keep me full til almost dinner time. So - aces! - in that way.

But besides that, I didn't like it! I didn't like eating so much in the morning, I felt heavy, and I burped up the taste of the sauteed veggies all day. Blech! I got some great advice on a recent post and one was to try the bigger, fattier breakfast, and to lose my regular smoothie in the a.m. But I really miss my smoothie! I put in olive oil and coconut oil, protein powder, kale and parsley and ice. It's refreshing, light, and I don't burp it up for hours. But it doesn't last me til lunch many days, admittedly. But is that so bad? I know the idea is to have less frequent meals that are higher nutrient and fat, but I just don't like to eat so much in the morning! If I try to fast in the morning, I get shaky, so for now I do have to eat something. Anyone else experience this?