I've started eating primal about 2 months ago. I've been losing about 0.5 lbs a week. I have a copy of the Primal Blueprint and inside it covers the caloric details needed to lose weight. On MDA I've seen some sources say to intake about 1g of protein / 1Lb of body mass, but in the book it says 0.7g of protein / lean body mass. My lean body mass comes out to ~78Lbs because of my high body fat %-age.

There's a huge difference between 120g of protein and 78g of protein. I've been eating more in the range of 110g of protein. 20g of protein usually comes in the form of a protein shake. The other comes from either steak/chicken. How much protein should I be eating?

I've been keeping between 50-80g of carbs a day, except on the weekends where my 80/20 moderately comes into play.

Thanks for any help/advice.

Goals: Lose body fat %-age!!!!

27 years old
126 lbs
38% Body Fat

Exercise Regimen
Mon - Weight Lift with Personal Trainer
Tues - CrossFit bootcamp
Wed - Jog/walk within heart rate zone (55-75% of max)
Thurs - CrossFit bootcamp
Fri - Zumba within heart rate zone (55-75% of max)
Sat - Leisurely walk
Sat - Hike/CrossFit bootcamp