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Thread: Weekly cheat days.

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    i am a grown ass man. I eat whatever I want. Its retarded to think if you eat a blizzard from DQ your going to gain 50 lbs. Its the 80/20 rule. I am primal most of the time but if i want to eat nachos once a week I am going to eat nachos.

    I also stay up late every night.

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    I have days when I eat a bag of chocolates, because my body is just crying out for sugar, and no, it doesn't seem to affect my weight at all.
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    I agree, the whole concept of "cheating" on a lifestyle focused on balance, health and wellbeing seems foreign to me. I eat prmal because it feels good and makes sense. If you find yourself obsessing about eating a gluten free cookie, just eat it, the world won't end. Last night I couldn't stop thinking about a coconut milk ice cream I ate one. It was delicious and I don't feel like it was cheating, just living!

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    I definitely have days where I eat a caloric surplus and/or higher carbs because that is what my body is telling me. I definitely have days where I eat a lot of chocolate in a day (but that's usually around TOM so it doesn't count, ha). And I have days where I will eat something non-primal because I want to (usually out for dinner or at someone's house). I don't plan for a whole day of non-primal gluttony. It's about balance, not about "cheating" and then punishing yourself for transgressing.

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    I don't have cheat days per say but rather "cheat moments".Every once in awhile if there are some cookies or chips laying around I just take a sample..I feel no regret whatsoever.. I look at it that in the past my meals always consisted of rice , pastas sandwiches, breads..etc and now my meals are plants and animals..So the occasional beer (which I had a few last night) or hamburger with a bun or a handful of chips or a piece of pizza here and there do not bother me personally.

    Everyone is different so I guess it just depends where you are in your journey and what you want to get out of it.

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    I've tried it. It actually helps A LOT in restoring the metabolism from dieting as well as restoring all of your strength. The problem is that if you cheat too hard, you end up with too many calories, which clearly cancels out the benefits of what you were trying to achieve from it. Think about it. What good is a faster metabolism if you're still eating too much.

    With that being said, I think you'd be much better off doing carb refeeds post workout. And if you stick to primal foods such as sugary fruits and sweet potatoes, you most likely won't go overboard on the calories. Or better yet; don't eliminate carbs and leptin won't drop.

    Other than that, you still have 80/20, which mainly applies to adherence and practicality.

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    I have cheat meals- not very often "cheat days". It happens maybe 2-4 times a month, and usually happens when I'm with my boyfriend's family. I was a hard-core gluten-free vegan for 8 years. I like not restricting myself so much now and actually enjoying things once and a while.
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    This is always a question that brings out interesting answers. I'm not sure if I could do this once a week. Too much interruption and distraction for me. Also, I don't ever think about it as a "cheat day." Those are for diets. I am not on a diet. There are days when I eat non primal foods. For example, I went to a wedding this weekend. It was mid day, and their meal was fingerling potatoes, chicken in tomato cream sauce, smoked brisket, and bacon wrapped pork medallions along with a salad. This was an AWESOME meal for me. All the meats were fantastic. Then came the cake. I ate a piece. It was raspberry flavored. Freaking awesome. Then I had some red wine and a jack and coke. We stayed out late with some good friends and ordered a late night thin crust pizza. I had two pieces. By the end, my stomach was burning, I was dizzy (not from the alcohol) and I had a headache. It all tasted great, but I was quickly reminded why I don't eat those things anymore.

    April 14th, it's my anniversary, not going to worry about what I eat that night. April 30th is my hub's birthday, not going to care that night either.

    Get my point? Save these non primal moments for the special occasions. Take a carb refeed day everyone once in a while, but make it primal carbs. Potatoes come to mind. I thoroughly believe carb refeeds help with weight loss, but junk food benders don't.
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    I actually view cereals, bread, noodles, rice and soda as not being food. One doesn't eat things which are not food.

    If I were to chow down I'd have a steak with a bunch of sweet potatoes and butter.

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    Unfortunately I can't get away with cheating 3 good microbrew stout beers on saturday left me 2lbs heavier. Last month it was 4 gin and tonics that caused a 3lb gain and took two weeks to come back off.

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